I am so relieved and excited to now have my pregnancy out in the open! I am no longer able to hide my little bump and can start to share how I am surviving. If I am honest, I have not had an easy time. Nausea has been a major symptom of mine and I have struggled to eat a lot of foods that are normally a part of my diet. One of my biggest challenges has been fitting in vegetables. It is ironic that a dietitian struggles to eat vegetables, I know, but I am still human. One of the ways I have been able to sneak in a lot of fruits and vegetables that I otherwise feel nauseated thinking about is to throw them in a smoothie. I have LOVED smoothies in the morning and they have made my morning sickness much easier to handle. A few favorite blends of mine are listed below. If you have a favorite mixture, please let me know, I am always trying to put new blends together!

The basics: Makes 2 glasses

The basics is an easy go to recipe that you can make your own. The oats and flax help by adding the extra fiber so you will feel full for longer. By using a Greek yogurt and milk to blend, the smoothie will be packed with protein already and there is no need to add the extra protein powder. Athletes, use this as a recovery option and be sure to discuss with an RD on your protein and carb needs for recovery.

–          1 banana

–          2 cups frozen fruit of choice

–          ¼ cup yogurt

–          3 tbsp quick oats

–          1 tbsp ground flax

–          1 cup spinach or leafy green

–          Water or milk to blend

–          Optional: protein powder

Banana-mama Smoothie

·         1 banana (frozen works well)

·         1 cup frozen blueberries

·         1 cup frozen tropical mix (mango, pineapple, papaya)

·         1 cup spinach

·         ½ cup vanilla Greek yogurt or cottage cheese

·         1% milk – as much as needed to blend

Cocoa-Banana Smoothie

·         1 banana, frozen

·         1 cup frozen strawberries

·         ½ cup Greek yogurt

·         1 tbsp cocoa powder

·         3 tbsp quick oats

·         2-3 tbsp peanut butter

·         ¼ of an avocado

·         1% milk- as much as needed to blend

·         Optional: add 1 cup cold coffee for a caffeine kick

Summer Dreamin’ Smoothie

·         1 banana

·         1 cup frozen mango

·         1 cup pineapple

·         3 tbsp quick oats

·         1 tbsp ground flax

·         ½ cup coconut yogurt

·         ¼ avocado

·         1 serving vanilla whey protein powder

·         Water or half concentration orange juice to blend

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