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How AFN Can Help

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the mass amount of nutrition information out in the world? Are you ready to get evidence based information that you know is safe, valid and trustworthy?

You Are Not Alone!

I offer a range of services and can tailor a nutrition program to meet your specific needs. Sessions can be in person, on the phone or via video chat-it is your choice. If you desire change, one off appointments will not work. This is why the package offers were created. Alison has 3 years of experience in working with clients and understands the time it takes to make change and work towards your goals. Working with a dietitian is no different than working with physiotherapists or trainers; the best results take time. We can work together to tailor your program to help you achieve your goals.

Still not sure if working with a dietitian is best for you? Have a FREE 15 minute over the phone consultation with Alison to discuss your goals.

How We can help you

AFN Services

Nutrition and health is a journey, a process. Programs are designed to help facilitate and support change and get results. Get the credible support you need that can evolve and change with you and your journey, ensuring you have help when and where you need it to grow and succeed.

Eat, Live, Train

Finding your energy and confidence with food while getting more out of your workouts and training!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have a career, maybe kids, and a home to run and are trying to train and workout but just can never find the energy.
  • You have a training goal, you are are focused and ready to improve your performance but are frustrated and overwhelmed with knowing what is best to eat for training
  • You have been working out for months, maybe even years, you have tried diets, but are sick of the way you feel physically and emotionally with food
  • You are frustrated with not knowing what nutrition information is credible and do not want to jump on the macro counting, fasting, or diet train.
  • You just want to eat food with confidence and freedom from the guilt, shame and negative voices that scream from deep inside your head

Perhaps you are new to training or working out and want to make sure you are doing what you can to prevent injury and have enough energy OR you are a well-trained athlete or ‘everyday athlete’ and just want to up your training and performance with better food choices and when is best to eat.

You have talked with friends, you have hit the Google search bar, you have read blogs and just are overwhelmed with information and do not know what is best for you or what is even credible information. You do not want to macro count, you do not want to weigh your food, because you barely even have time to cook a meal, why add extra numbers and times onto that.

ENOUGH is enough! You are ready to end this struggle and feel confident in what you are eating, enjoy the food you are eating and feel better!

Imagine, feeling confident about your food again. You have energy to not only survive a day but totally crush your day, accomplish all you wanted and feel good. You are getting strong in the gym, your hitting your goals and you are excited to set new performance goals that you never thought were possible!

Selecting food that will make you feel good starts to feel effortless. When you hear friends or colleagues talk about the new diet they are trying, you smile but do not feel guilt or shame or even care about what it is they are talking about.

You’re excited because you feel free to eat for the first time in ages, go out on adventures, hit new workout targets, sign up for a race or event and even have energy to do the dishes at the end of the night.

  • Food can be easy again.
  • Food isn’t the enemy and doesn’t have to consume your thoughts.
  • Food can actually help you get more out of your workouts and training you don't have to restrict!
  • You can feel strong, confident and energetic in your body again.
  • The best part? You do not have to buy a fancy food scale, count calories or macros or purchase any crazy supplements or food ingredients!

There is help, and you don’t have to do it alone.

You can also experience even more freedom and flexibility with food than you ever imagined. Food does not have to consume your every thought and suck time (and energy) out of your day!


This is exactly what you get with the Eat, Live, Train Program!

What you will find inside the Eat, Live, Train Program:

  • Personalized Support- unlimited email support and 1 one on one coaching session
    • Office hours will run each week on Thursdays at 12:00pm CST for the opportunity to ask questions and receive real time feedback
      • These office hours will all be recorded for those not able to attend live and questions will be answered if submitted ahead of time.
  • Recorded video lessons
    • Listen and watch while on the go
  • Group Support- A private Facebook community of people who understand
  • Customized, Credible Advice- make the education and program fit your life and health/wellness/training goals
  • 7 weeks of Meal Plans- first to build you a base then to support you long term
  • 50+ simple recipes- food that tastes good and was curated by a Registered Dietitian
  • 6 weeks of education, content, support but a year of access + lifetime of an online community of like-minded people


For a small investment of $249 Canadian  you can positively improve your health, wellness and training

DID YOU KNOW? Upon payment, you will receive a receipt that can be submitted to your health insurance provider for coverage!

More questions? Or want more information?

Contact us


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Will I get access to Alison? 

Yes, Alison will be in the Facebook group each day to answer your questions. You also have access to private messaging with Alison and can join her live during Office Hours each week.

How long is the program?

The Eat, Live, Train Program is 6 weeks. The program is available to you for 12 months. You can access all the videos, audio and resources for the entire year!

Do I get unlimited support?

Yes. You get unlimited email support to get all of your questions answered for the duration of the program.

What if I don't like the program?

We are confident you will love the program and feel more confident with food and nutrition for your bodies needs. However, we do provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy, just email us within 15 days of purchase and you will get a full refund.


  • Looking to improve your performance and training?
  • Want to get more out of your training?
  • Struggling with injuries, recovery, hydration,fatigue, eating on the road, etc.?
  • Are you active female and have lost your period?

You have come to the right place! Nutrition is a major player in improving training responses and keeping you as healthy as possible (this includes preventing injuries, reducing viral infections and maintaining a regular menstrual cycle).

Are you wondering if you are athlete enough for this to be right for you? The support you receive will be catered to your needs, whether your looking to improve performance in sport or in life.

Performance programs provide the following:

  • Detailed evaluation of current diet and recommendations to improve performance
  • Pre-training, training, and post-training nutrition guidelines
  • Eating strategies for optimal recovery based on your personal daily schedule
  • Hydration planning
  • Body composition changes: i.e. weight gain, muscle gain, regaining of regular menstrual cycle
  • Sports nutrition products/ergogenic aids guidelines
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation guidelines

*Packages are customized based on current training plans, goals and lifestyle.


Starter Performance Package

First time working on your performance nutrition plan? This is the best place to start. We will focus on making your training and energy more consistent and get you on track with your performance goals.

What is included:

  • Initial consultation
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • 2 follow up sessions to review progress
  • Unlimited email access between sessions

Performance Package

Take your training to the next level! This package was designed with the athlete in mind. We will tailor your nutrition plan to meet your training and performance goals and provide you with the support needed to push you to the next level

What is included:

  • Initial consultation
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • Competition day nutrition plan
  • 3 follow up sessions to review progress
  • Unlimited email access between sessions

Not sure if the packages are right for you? That is okay, start with an initial consultation and a custom package or plan can be created.

Food is not black and white and comes attached with a lot of emotions and history. Are you struggling with finding peace and enjoyment in food? Does eating also carry a lot of anxiety and stress? Food is more than just a fuel for performance and sport. Alison Friesen Nutrition will work with you in collaboration with a Psychologist, coach, and doctor to aid in recovery from disordered eating. You are not alone in these struggles, many athletes face these challenges and support can help keep you in the game or competition for longer. Connect with AFN to find out which route is best for you.

Teams / Groups

For peak performance, a nutrition game plan is critical. Reach your goals, find success and sustain your performances with the help of credible nutrition experts. Whether your looking to find more consistency, boost recovery, improve endurance for long seasons, or prevent injury and illness, a customized package or workshop can be created with your needs in mind. Ready to boost your team’s performance this season?

Workshop/topic ideas:

  • Sport nutrition basics
  • Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport
  • Body Image and Performance
  • Competition planning
  • Feeding your athlete (for parents)
  • Recovery
  • Supplements
  • Understanding energy and improved performances

Other team or group services include:

  • Customized travel and competition meal planning (includes restaurant and menu recommendations)
  • Hydration and Sweat Rate Testing
  • Team recovery plan
  • Team supplement policies
  • Menu review
  • Looking for more, contact Alison to discuss what could be a best fit for your team or group.
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