Chocolate Covered Coconut Blueberry Bars

Today happens to be my 30th birthday and I could not be more excited to share these bars as my little birthday treat for you! Jill has outdone herself with these bars! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do because I can tell you, these will be gone by the end of the day in my house.

Jill Here-

Like many of us, I’m a lover of chocolate; the darker the chocolate the better. This recipe is an extremely easy, decadent, and satisfying dessert or snack that you can feel comfortable feeding to your kids or yourself whenever you want something a little sweet and a lot exciting. My kids think it is akin to some kind of chocolate covered ice cream bar. Better yet, it only contains a few ingredients so you never have to worry about not having them on hand. These bars are gluten free, plant-based (depending on the chocolate you choose to use), and made without any added sugars. I chose to make these this week because sometimes all you need in the deep freeze of a Saskatchewan February is a little reminder of a coconut-filled holiday with fresh berries.

Time to prepare: 10 minutes

Time to set: 2 hours

Makes: 8 bars


2 cups of Shredded Coconut

1 cup of Fresh Blueberries (or any kind of berry you wish)

1/4 cup of Coconut Oil

Pinch of Salt

1 cup of Dark Chocolate (or any other chocolate you wish)*

Things you will need: Blender or food processor, bowl, 5×7 pan.


1. Line a 5×7 pan with parchment paper along the bottom.

2. Place the blueberries in a blender of food processor and puree them. If you are not using blueberries you may wish to strain out the seeds after this step.

3. Add the coconut oil, coconut shreds, and salt to the berry puree. You can add them together in the blender or mixer and mix together until there is a consistent mixture, or remove the berry puree from the blender and mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.

4. Place the coconut-berry mixture in the prepared pan and press down. Make sure you have an even and firm bar by pressing it down with a spoon.

5. Freeze for an hour in the freezer.

6. Take the coconut-berry bars out of the freezer and cut into 8 slices.

7. Melt the chocolate on the stove top or using the microwave.

8. Dip the coconut-berry bars in the melted chocolate and cover entirely. Place the chocolaty bars on a sheet lined with parchment paper. 

9. Place the bars back in freezer or in the fridge. Allow the chocolate to set for at least another hour.

10. Enjoy! Store in the fridge for up to a week.


*If you want to continue having no added sugar make sure your chocolate is dark with no added sugar. This can be a good opportunity to compare the ingredients on the wrappers or bags of different types of baking and non-baking chocolate at the grocery store!

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