Episode 04: Victoria Garrick- School, Sport, Identity and Performance – The Realities of a Varsity Athlete and Finding Purpose

From walk on to 4 year starter for the USC Volleyball team, Victoria is a force to be reckoned with and living her dream . During the 4 years of being a top level varsity athlete, Victoria faced many challenges. These are challenges many athletes think will not affect them but living in the day to day, staying at that top level entails so much more than just showing up. “No one prepares you for being a student athlete.” It is easy to slip into coping with the stresses of the day to day, with food, obsessing about not only the stats but how we look on the court. Victoria openly shares about her struggles with mental health and body image, sharing about performance anxiety, depression, and binge eating. Today, she is a mental health and body image advocate, inspiring others through her Instagram, podcast and Youtube page. 

In this episode, we take a take a deep dive into the pressures of being a student athlete, performance anxiety, body image and finding purpose beyond sport. Mental health still carries a stigma; seeking support from professionals still carries stigma. Victoria shares her journey with the goal and desire to help others see that they are not alone and you are not your anxiety, binge, depression and so on. Your mental health is a priority, you are a priority! Victoria credits the support and therapy she took in her Junior year with a mental health leave for the success and joy she found in her Senior Year. I am so grateful to have met Victoria. Her message is empowering and needs to be heard!

Connect follow Victoria: 

Instagram: @victoriagarrick or @#realpod

Podcast: #Realpod on iTunes and Spotify

Youtube: @VictoriaGarrick 

Website: www.victoriagarrick.com

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