Episode 03 – Chantal van Landegham

Chantal van Landegham- Olympic lows, highs and everything in between. Now Registered Psychologist helping others in their struggles

Chantal van Landegham has had an athletic carrier that could be made into a movie. Seeded first in the country in her event, Chantal had everything behind her to make the 2012 Olympics. In trials, standing behind the blocks, completely terrified, Chantal swam but missed qualifying by 0.01 seconds. A devastating miss but the journey did not end. With the support of a Sport Psychologist and a lot of self reflection, Chantal learned how to use her heart break to find perspective and worked her way back to the 2016 Rio Olympics and found herself on the podium. Today, Chantal has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and is working towards her PhD in exercise addiction and alexithymia. 

We walk through the importance of being compassionate with ourselves, learning the value of being present and learning to understand and face emotions. Finding joy and appreciation for her sport, helped Chantal journey back to the Olympics. Walking up to the blocks no longer with fear but a smile on her face. 

Chantal also helps us to understand exercise addiction and alexithymia, walks us through some of the red flags and the connection it has to dysfunctional or disordered eating. We covered a lot of ground in this episode! 

Connect with Chantal and read some of her research: 

Instagram: @chantal_van

Facebook: @chantalvanlandegham

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