Episode 01- Pilot

Welcome to The Warrior! 

Why Warrior? Many times our barriers feel like battles.  Sometimes the battles are short. Sometimes we feel like we never stop fighting.  The battle for health, wellness and high performance is not all about how the battle finished last time.   It is about setting our strategy so that we win more battles in the future, it is about the journey, the process. As we go about setting our strategies, we learn, grow, adapt, persevere, change, and ultimately reveal more of whom we are meant to be.  This podcast is a place where we can hear stories from Warriors; athletes and individuals who will inspire us, give us some tangible tips or information we can use to overcome our barriers to health, wellness and high performance. Join me and become a Warrior!

I am Alison Friesen, a registered dietitian and former athlete. I have worked with many athletes and individuals who, just like me, need to hear that we are not alone. I needed to hear from other athletes, I needed to get support and information that would help me understand steps I needed to take to get healthier and perform better. We all have incredible potential!  Sometimes we just need to be encouraged, taught and pushed out of our comfort zone to reach that true potential. Each week you will hear inspiring stories and interviews, advice and practical information all with the same intention: these are the tools that will empower you to be a great Warrior, to experience the fullness of good health and step into your true potential.

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